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The faculty of Engineering and Technology (former Faculty of Science and Technology) was one of the four faculties started at the establishment of the University of Gezira in 1975. The first batch of students was admitted in 1978. The faculty started with three departments, namely; applied physics, electronics, and instrumentation (APEI), applied chemistry and chemical technology (ACCT), and food technology (FT). From that time till now, the faculty kept growing continuously in different areas of development that concerns the quality of the higher education process to achieve its goals. The philosophy of the faculty is based on: 1- Graduation of cadres capable of implementing scientific and applied sciences for the development of the industry and technical sciences. 2- Make use of the natural resources of the country and harnessing these resources as scientific alternatives for the industry. 3- Investment of the potentials of the rural areas for continuous development of the human needs. Features and advantages of Faculty: 1 FET is the first ever faculty within the national engineering faculties, that offered B.Sc. (Honors) in: Computer Engineering, Food Engineering Technology, Medical Electronics, Telecommunication and control Engineering, and Textile Technology. 2 FET has well established strong "Recognized governance regulations, procedures and system adoption", and assumed one of the best National Academic-Regulations 3 FET improving public and local community service by high level qualified professionals, and support lifelong learning, through the academic programs and other community activities. 4 FET is fully equipped with advance laboratories equipment and modules across the main departments, which facilitate the different levels of the academic programs and research activities.